Texas Wildlife Association, Inc.

Hunting Lease, Lodge, and Guide Insurance Program

Texas Wildlife Association Member Insurance Program Insures hunting clubs, land or lodge owners, corporations and lessors of ranch land for the purpose of hunting and recreating. Complete and sign our application to get your quote today!


ISO General Liability with Enhanced Coverages

$1,000,000 / $2,000,000+ Occurrence/Aggregate

$1,000,000 Personal Injury

$50,000 Property Rental

$1,000 Medical payments


Blanket Additional Named Insured Club Members Included

Swimming Pools and Cisterns Included

Standard Hunting Blinds Included

Swimming Pools Included


Property and farm equipment such as ranch houses, hunter's lodge, bunkhouses, horse and tack corrals, ranch tractors, excavators, and hunting vehicles are insured on a separate policy outside of the TWA’s annual hunting liability policy. A separate application is required, email us your current Farm & Ranch policy or a schedule of your property for review. 

Contact: Mike Dinn

Ph: 210-821-5080 Xt.

Email mike@iicsa.com

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